Alien’s Nostromo – Halcyon 1/960
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Today we are changing the subject, and we’ll pay tribute to one of the most influential sagas of all time building and painting a U.S.C.S.S. Just mention, as is becoming the custom, a little bit of the process.


This is a really rare model, not because of its design, but due to the materials it was made of. It’s made of vinyl, something usual for figures, dinosaurs and organic-made stuff, but not for models. The few non-plastic pieces are the antennas, landing gears and flaps.

Its final look was pretty nice, just a few burrs and, as every vinyl model, we needed just to warm it up to be able to cut excesses. The model building was kinda easy then. We used cyanoacrylate glue and epoxy putty to hide junctions and imperfections.


It was an easy task too. First of all, we’ll give it a first grey layer with an airbrush, and mark every pannel with a highly watered black. Once done, we’ll use a post-it kind paper to build a little mask with square holes in it, just to lighten the grey with white after with acrylic painture.

It’s a very slow process because we’ll repeat it over aaaaaaaaaaaall the model surface, lightening the mix with more white each time, searching for a more volume sensation.

Dark areas were painted black and prussian blue. We’ll give it tons of rust touches but in tiny quantities. Why? The Nostromo Starship is supposed to be the size of a soccer stadium, what means mm in the model. In the “real” starship it would take several meter metal sheets and the rust wouldn’t be  distributed equally in such big surfaces, so we´ll use different rust tones all over the model.

We’ll match up every tones with a paintbrush just to get ready to live the Alien nighmare 😉

10 thoughts on “Alien’s Nostromo – Halcyon 1/960

  1. I have this one plus several other Halcyon models! I think I’ve had it for about 20 years. I’ll be looking at this build up more closely, when I’m not at work.

  2. Hi Donald, thanks for coming. Sincerely, the Halcyon model was the best option, nice detailing. How was yours?


    1. Mine is still in it’s box where it is nice and safe from my bad model building! I’ll build it someday, though, now that I’ve seen how nice it comes out.

  3. Saw a kit of this today in a hobby shop. Think it had the factory wrap
    on it. But was opened since it had clear tape on the
    sides. Think the box was a bit beat up. Asking price
    was 280 plus tax? Good price or no? Thought of hitting
    him up for 250 for offer.

    1. Wow man!, is that a large or a heavy kit?; if it isn’t, we think it doesn’t seem to be a fair price (too expensive). Please, tell us weight, size and exact model so we can tell you how worth it would be. Cheers!

  4. I bought my kit in 1991 for $250 CAD. fully assembled, should be over 18″ long. Mine is still in the box, untouched as I have yet to find a decent filler for the vinyl parts to keep it from flexing in temperature changes. Given the rarity of the kit, I would say $280 now is a heck of a deal

  5. Looks nice.

    I think Monsters in Motion did a recasting of this model a few years back after the Halcyon was discontinued.

    Allegedly it wasn’t in PVC like the original and they may have tinkered with some of the fine details. Its also discontinued now but I would love to see a review of that particular version one day.

  6. I have this kit, new in the box. I have the entire collection, off the shelf, in Japan, as each new one came out. This one and the Space Jockey are the rarest. The Queeen is really cool and probably rare, too. The only one I have seen that I am missing is the “Attacking Alien”, which must have come out later.

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