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Star Wars Snowspeeder
Snowspeeder Featured Image

Hi all! Now it’s time for the amazing Star Wars Snowspeeder, the AT-AT worst enemy. We’re trying to explain how to paint 3 models at the same time: two from Fine Molds and one Snaptite model (the little one).

Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey AMT 1/350
Star Trek Bird of Prey Featured Image

This is one of the models we started working on. We made it about an eternity, when we barely knew how to use the airbrush and, in Spain, it was practically impossible to find fiber optic …

Wooded Diorama
Wooden Diorama Featured Image

Hi friends! Our proposal for today is a diorama based on a jungle scene, which could be perfect to build our T-Rex, Endor or Lord of the Rings scenes…

Alien’s Nostromo – Halcyon 1/960
MovieKits Alien Nostromo Featured Image

Today we are changing the subject, and we’llpay tribute to one of the most influential sagas of all time building and painting a U.S.C.S.S. Just mention, as is becoming the custom, a little bit of the process …

Star Wars Droid Fighter – Snapfast 1/48
MovieKits Star Wars Droid Fighter Featured Image

Hi friends, now it’s time for our old droid fighters from Star Wars Episode I …

Star Wars Y-Wing – SMT 1/48
MovieKits Star Wars Y Wing Featured Image

Now it’s time for our beloved Star Wars Y-Wing. We would like to share with you the way we builded and painted it. It’s mainly a matter of patience and love for modeling. Hope you find this useful, may de force be with you!! …

Star Wars B-Wing – SMT 1/48
Star Wars B-Wing Featured Image

Hi friends, this is one of our latest projects, and also one which we are very proud of: a Star Wars B-Wing. Just mention a little bit of the building and painting process …

Dragonheart – Draco
Dragonheart Draco Featured Image

Hi again friends!, this few months we went back to the Middle Ages to meet Draco, the gentle dragon. We hope you’ll like this proposal …

Battlestar Galactica – Colonial Viper MKI
Battlestar Galactica - Colonial Viper MKI Featured Image

Hi friends, this is one of our last projects, finished not much time ago: a Galactica’s Colonial Viper MKI …

Star Wars Arc-170 Starfighter
Arc 170 Starfighter Featured Image

This is our version of the ARC-170 Ep. 3 Star Wars. We would like to share with you the details of the process step-by-step …

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