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Movie Kits claims no trade marks or copyrights on anything shown on it’s site other than it’s own created artwork presented. Moviekits reserves the right to remove any material shown at any time from anyone, and we will follow all legal aspects of the art form as they are presented to us by the proven legal owners of the above stated materials and/or their court appointed representatives.

Movie Kits states that our use of the trademarked terms listed below in our product descriptions constitutes fair use and nominative use and is in no way to offer confusion that Moviekits and any of the following noted trademark holders are related companies, nor do we state that we are endorsed by these trademark holders. We are a group of modelers acting in GOOD FAITH in showing their work and providing non-profit high quality sample kits to modelers who have already purchased products related to these trademarks.

Movie Kits is actually providing these trademark holders a venue of free advertising and indirectly provide these trademark holders with more sales leads. Trademark information has been obtained from the United States Patent and Trademark office and other resources and may not be completely up to date. Errors in the listing of trademark owners is not to be construed in any way as an attempt to attribute ownership to the incorrect entities.

  • Alien™ is a registered trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.
  • Battlestar Galactica® is a registered Trademark of Universal City Studios, LLLP LTD LIAB CO.
  • Dragonheart™ is a registered trademark of Universal City Studios, INC.
  • Star Trek™ is a trademark of Paramount Pictures Corporation, CBS Studios, Inc.
  • Star Wars® is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd.