Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey AMT 1/350
Star Trek Bird of Prey Featured Image

This is one of the models we started working on. We made it about an eternity, when we barely knew how to use the airbrush and, in Spain, it was practically impossible to find fiber optic.

This model in particular has some Leds in its structure and engine. We made and sealed a little circuit, making room for the batteries in the rear engines.

It has two main colours: green and red.

For the basic green we used a olive tone, and we lightened it with yellow. In different and selected areas we used grey green, blue green and light green. The watered was made mixing olive green with black and a lot of water.

For the red areas we used 50% red brown and 50% vermilion red. Very important: for the lights we didn’t mix with white but with yellow. Then we tried to shade irregularly the tones to give an old and used look to the model.

Laser damages have been airbrushed with black.

Rust touches: we made a mix of yellow, black and orange for the rust base and then (always painting irregularly) we’ll increase tones all over the surface adding more orange cadmium to the mix to achieve different rust tones.

The it had to be varnished in matt aaaand IT’S READY!!

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