Star Wars AT-AT 1/48 Resin Kit (Limited Edition available)
AT-AT Featured Image

Here you have our first project now in progress. We’ve been trying hard to find an appropiate model of one of our most beloved vehicles but, after a long debate, we’ve finally decide to build it from scratch.

May be it’s not perfect, but we are working on it with all our care and dedication.

We are pleased to show you an advance of out AT-AT 1/48 Imperial Walker which, in a few weeks time, will be finished. It comes with some details 3D-designed, such as the belly central piece and the main cannons, which are ment to be retractables and simulate real laser shots.

As always, we’d appreciate very much any contribution during the process.


Update 1

The model is almost finished, but we’re still trying to figure out how build the few final details. In the pictures, you can see the Allen screws we used to join the legs and the belly. We haven’t decided whether to make molds with or without them yet.

The two main central parts were made from 1/24 Harrier engines and 1/144 Saturn V pieces in the original model. For our 1/48 model we can’t used them because they seemed to be a bit large, so we had to designed them using 3D Studio Max.

We made progress with the head, it’s not finished yet because we need to use some extra putty and sandpaper in order to make it perfect, but at least you should appreciate how it could look like finally.

We are pretty happy of how it’s finally looking. We have to work on the interior parts after finishing the head, and the side cannons will be our last challenge.

Here you have some extra pics before finally finishing the model. Now you can appreciate the cannons are almost finished. This AT-AT will finally have two fixed main cannons, and now we’re trying to make them retractables. It’s being hard, but we’re on it… In a week we’ll start working on the modelling and casting process, we’ll see then how the kit will finally looks like.

The AT-AT is finally finished!!! We’ve worked on the head, and on the main retractable cannons in particular.

Here you have a video were you can see how the cannons move.

Update 2

Hi all, we’re still alive, just very busy making molds. The 1/48 AT-AT Imperial walker model kit has about 120 pieces. This is the last update before the molds are done and the first cast of this model will be completely finished!!.

Now it’s time to make the molds. The model will be available for everyone. We’re now receiving pre-order petitions. How can you have one?? Read the information below.

Update 3: The Kit

Here we are again!! It has been a bit hard to find the way to make a well-sharped, strong, grey kit. We would like to show you the progress, so you can figure out how the kit will finally look like in a few days.

Update 4

Hi friends,

Before releasing our AT-AT 1/48 the next weekend, we’d like to bring you a preview of the stuff you’re about to enjoy.

We’ve tryed to put the replica & master pieces together, so you can notice the details of the ships, planes, tanks, Formula 1 and other hand-maded model pieces added to your AT-AT. We honestly believe the Saturn V 1/200 pieces have been specially well casted.

Please accept our apologies for the delay, we are trying to do our best in this project, and that takes its time. BTW, it will be fully finished this week, so stay in touch!

Update 5: First replica built

The pieces have been joined just with a glue touch, so we can separate them after (we are painting it piece by piece). You may notice there are gaps between junctions but, once built, they match perfectly.

You may notice some of the pieces have been already painted. That’s just an example-advance of the technique we’re using for painting the model. Although it’s the first paint layer, the AT-AT looks much better.

We’ve recorded a couple of videos to show you how this model is articulated (video 1) (video2).

Update 6: AT-AT 1/48 + Fine Molds Snowspeeder 1/48 Comparative.

This is why we choosed the 1/48 scale for our AT-AT. It’ll be pretty accurate for our diorama with Fine Molds Snowspeeders…

Update 7: first paint layers and lightning.

Here you have an advance of the first paint layers on the head (using the salt technique) and the work with the 7 led circuits covered with a see-through posterboard.

Star Wars AT-AT 1/48 Kit Available

Hi friends,

After a year, we’re finishing our AT-AT, so it’s time to take the next step. We’ve received lots of petitions asking to make a kit from this model, so we’re using the molds we need for our two AT-AT’s (one for an Endor diorama, one for Hot) for making some extra ones.

We thought it was a good idea to give our molds a better fate, and let the community enjoy one of the most beloved vehicles of Star Wars.

As you may notice, there are still some parts that may look rough, but they are already polished in our Master. We want you to check the final result; resin hardness, number of pieces and specific configuration of the kit. We’ll post pics and videos soon to let you decide how worthy it is.

For the painting job, we’ll post every step of the process in this site, so you can get an idea of how to handle it.

The package will contain:

  • Resin kit.
  • Electrical kit.
  • Instructions manual.
  • Retractable main cannons (optional)*.

The final price of this model will be 500 USD + Shipping.

* Retractable main cannons: the Master model comes with retractable main cannons. They can’t be casted in resin due to subsequent erosion so we need to buy, build and balance them separate. We’ve decided not to include them in the regular kit but, if you’re intererested in getting  those retractable cannons, we can do it for you for an extra charge of 54 USD (2 cannons).

We’ll cast it on demand and for a short period of time, so it will be a very limited edition, keeping some extra resin for a few future casts.

Those of you who have seen our past projects should know how perfectionist and involved we try to be. Since this is our first public project, we want everything to be perfect so, undoubtedly, every delivery will have a tracking number and we’ll guarantee the reception of every single piece we have promised to give you.

As this will be a limited edition, we’ll accept order requests through our email moviekits AT or contact form.

We’d like to thank you for all the contributions made by the community. Without this, our work wouldn’t have been possible.

18 thoughts on “Star Wars AT-AT 1/48 Resin Kit (Limited Edition available)

    1. Hola Jose, estamos actualizando la info en este post tan pronto como avanzamos en el proceso. Cualquier duda particular que tengas no dudes en enviarnos un correo. Gracias por el interés!

  1. Hi there, I am very interested in purchasing your awesome AT-AT Walker kit. Please give me more details of how can i go about it. Thank you.


  2. Looking forward to seeing the final painted kit and videos you mentioned. I’ve been hoping for many years for someone to do exactly what guys accomplished. The existing kits were just too small for my tastes. Please keep me updated on when the kit will be available.

  3. I really would love to buy at least one as I am building a diorama in 1/48 scale battle of hoth and your kit would make the diorama totally awesome

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