Star Wars AT-ST 1/16 3D Designed
AT-ST Featured Image

Hi friends, our proposal for this summer is neither a finished model nor a making of, it’s only the beginning of a dream slowly coming true.

We’ve just received our first delivery of one our most beloved projects: a 40 cm. tall AT-ST from The Return Of the Jedi.

It’s entirely designed with 3D technology and printed in several highly-resistant materials. We began working on it a year ago, and will be our next project, but we haven’t been able to resist showing you the first chapter on our AT-ST 3D design, hoping to have it finished in a few months time.

We’ll keep updating this post while progressing. As always, we’d appreciate very much any contribution.


Although we’re now hardly working on our AT-AT, the AT-ST keeps walking. Here we have some pics you could use as reference to ckeck its dimensions. They’re not glued yet, because we’ll need to keep working on the structure.

Sorry about the picture’s quality. The resin’s colour is too bright and the table behind too dark. We’ll try to fix that soon ­čśë


Although we are heavily working on our AT-AT 1/48, the AT-ST 1/72 Chicken Walker is still alive!! Here you have some of the progress we’ve done lately.┬á There are still some details to be fixed, such as cannons, some of the leg tubes, belly and neck cables, as well as some several final touches all around the model. We must say most of the work has been already done, thanks to new laser cut and 3D printing technologies.

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