Star Wars B-Wing – SMT 1/48
Star Wars B-Wing Featured Image

Hi friends, this is one of our latest projects, and also one which we are very proud of: a Star Wars B-Wing. Just mention a little bit of the building and painting process.

The raw model came almost completely lacking any detail. When we first bought it, the back side of the pilot’s place didn’t exist. The original film’s model had a rotatory cabin in order to allow both attack and flight formations which, obviously, didn’t exist either, so we had to build it from scratch.

We built the whole cabin and refilled it with putty, piercing it with with a metal piston, so the cabin could spin on it’s own shaft.

We have also had to rebuild the central parts outside of the cabins fuselage, based on the original model pics, and add a little circular between the center of the fuselage and its end where the cabin is placed. Once remodelation is finished, we had to rebuild the lower front cannons and add a vast amount of metal small cables.

Central wings: in the original model they fold and unfold while changing flight and attack formations, an attribute that didn’t come with the raw model. We’ve solved this issue adding some small hinges between the wings and the model’s body, then hidden with surface reliefs.

There are tons of cables and rivets all over the original model. We had to build ’em one at a time with a 1mm drill.

Cannons: metal ribs of different diameters.

Final touches: we’ve joined the main wing’s left and right section, and added a very hard epoxy putty inside it, because air bubbles were produced when hardening the model, making it very weak.

The main wing is attached to the body and the cabin with a metal piston. This allows the model to be perfectly aligned. We’ll join ’em with glue once painted.


The model has two colours: fog grey and blue grey. The fog grey is all over the model’s surface and the blue grey is over the end of the wing and the backside of the cabin. The lightening effects are made with fog grey and white.

For the little waterings and rust touches (they have to be very small), we’ve mixed brown-red, cadmium orange and yellow, all plaied with an airbrush. THe small damages are painted with a very darkened grey, and the colour marks with cadmium orange and a circular mask.

4 thoughts on “Star Wars B-Wing – SMT 1/48

  1. Hi Victor, this is part of our collection. It’s an SMT model we builded and painted. But, if you like we will be happy to do it for you. Send us an email to moviekits AT and we’ll talk about it.

    Thanks for the interest.


  2. Hi I am interested in the 1/48 B-Wing, can 1 be made and sent to me?
    i have just come across your site and i am only missing this kit in my collection
    Please let me know

  3. Hello.
    Do you have by any chance build Resistance Transport and or Storm trooper transport in the future. Kindly let me know I would love to collect one of these in 1:48 scale… thanks.

    Also are you selling your current A-WIng if you have any available?
    Thanks again

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