Star Wars Snowspeeder
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Hi all! Now it’s time for the amazing Star Wars Snowspeeder, the AT-AT worst enemy.

We’re trying to explain how to paint 3 models at the same time: two from Fine Molds and one Snaptite model (the little one).

The three models have been re-marked with a model punch all over their surfaces, then a watere sandpaper before giving it the firs paint layer. We’d recommend you to use a grey tamiya spray for this step.

We decided to paint this models following some guidelines but, of course, you can choose the way you like most.

  1. Upper parts.
  2. Interior.
  3. Lower parts.


Although the grey layer is the same for all models, the details on each one are different.

We’ll achieve the rust touches by mixing red brown, yellow and black, using it as a basis layer. Then we’ll add cadmium orange to achieve a higher tone, specially while painting the engines and rear pieces, trying not to use it too much.

Damages on the grey-marked snowspeeder will be painted with a clear grey, almost white, using a sharped toothpick. For the orange-marked one, we’ll use a neutral orange with a little black touch.

For the grey marked ones we’ll paint panels with both clearer and darker greys.

The orange-marked ones will be painted with a grey-blue colour, adding a little bit of white to the mix. As you can notice, we are talking about a tiny model. The general final look should be very defined.

To do so, we’ll need to give the interior of the cabin a first layer, and paint the pilots next. Once done this step, we’ll assemble the whole model. The raw kit was pretty accurate so we just needed to glue the back and belly pieces. The rest of the pieces are simply assembled provisionally.

Once the cabin, rear sub machine gun and pilots are assembled, we’ll correct some details one-by-one and little by little, in order to achieve a perfect final look.

There’s lot of paint work to be done tough. But we’ll let our Snowspeeders breathe till the next week…

Update 1

We’ve painted the bases with shining black, we weren’t sure whether to paint the relief logo with metallic blue or gold. As you may notice, the cabin’s pieces are very small. We’ve used an Euro coin to give you an idea of its proportions.

The next photogallery will show you some. We have not much work to be added to the painting job: match rust touches up,  damages on the fuselage and a couple of tones for the back side.

Altough this is a tiny model (11’50 cm. from the rear engine to the end of the cannons), it doesn’t lack any detail. This japanese guys make awesome stuff!!

To finish the three models we need just 4 pilots to be included and some fake damages for the smallest one (9`50 cm).

The cockpits are prepared to stand open or closed to customer’s taste.  In this picture you can appreciate the tones and colours of this two models. Even though they’re exactly the same model, the different base colours and aging effects give them a very different final look.

Now we have the four pilots painted and finished. We can’t go further with such a tiny models. We’ve painted black and yellow marks and scraped the wing’s edge of the Snaptite model, in orden to simulate laser impacts. We finally choosed to add more rust to its fuselage too.

This is a brief review of the building and painting process of our Snowspeeder, for further information don’t hesitate to contact us.

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