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Nicholas Sagan – Tartan Cruiser Reaver
Nicholas Sagan Tartan Reaver Featured Image 2

We would like to share with you the work of a great and versatile artist. We’re sure that many of you already know him, he’s called Nicholas Sagan, a good colleage and a very active member of the modeling community.

Star Wars AT-AT 1/48 Resin Kit (Limited Edition available)
AT-AT Featured Image

(Last update on October 13, 2014). We thought it was a good idea to give our AT-AT a better fate, and let the community enjoy one of the most beloved vehicles of Star Wars by casting it. Do you want to be a part of this? …

Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey AMT 1/350
Star Trek Bird of Prey Featured Image

This is one of the models we started working on. We made it about an eternity, when we barely knew how to use the airbrush and, in Spain, it was practically impossible to find fiber optic …

Star Wars AT-ST 1/16 3D Designed
AT-ST Featured Image

(Last update on September 13, 2014). Hi friends, our proposal for this summer is neither a finished model nor a making of, it’s only the beginning of a dream that its slowly coming true …

Alien’s Nostromo – Halcyon 1/960
MovieKits Alien Nostromo Featured Image

Today we are changing the subject, and we’llpay tribute to one of the most influential sagas of all time building and painting a U.S.C.S.S. Just mention, as is becoming the custom, a little bit of the process …