Star Wars Trade Federation Tank
Trade Federation Tank Featured Image

Hi guys, we would like to share with you our last project, a Trade Federation Tank,

The raw model had just the appropiate size to be painted. We’ve fixed all the panels with a model cutter just to give the final product a better look.

Once assembled, the turret and cannon’s gun should spin around a shaft and the cannons move up and down either. Even though it may seem hard to believe, the main body consists of two joined parts, so the filler was necessary to hide the junctions.

The central cannon was initially pretty nice, but it came in two pieces, then it was better to replace every piece by some plastic and iron tubes. All grips were also replaced by stronger moulded metal tubes.

We used a sand colour as a first paint layer, definitely better for red and ochre tones, and have it ready for the last paint touches.

Camouflage touches were painted and arranged, mixing three tones in very different proportions.

We’ve used oil painting with oxid-kind traces on it. This is our first time working with oil, but not the last one, cause it allows a great detail control and excellent results. We tried not to abuse oxid and dirt details, giving it a well-adjusted look.

At this point it looked like that the paintbrush strokes gave excellent results. We slightly darkened the tones of the fuselage, added subtle rust marks and uneven damage brush strokes.

Adding artificial grass and dirt to its belly proved to be a strenuous job. The AAT is supposed to float but, considering that Jar Jar hung from its turret, it must have touched the ground.

We’ve mixed different tones of artificial modeling grass and modeling sand.  They’re shaked in a bottle in order to have em well-mixed. Once done this step, we’ll apply this mixture by giving quick and short spray glue bursts and, inmediately we’ll sprinkle the grass and sand mixture all over it.

For the damaged, we’ve chosen  dispersed points, looking always for irregular and directional results. Example: Front-side damages on the end of the rocket exits are irregularly oriented backwards, cause it would be a damaged inflicted obviously from front to back.

The rest of the damages are irregularly painted from the top to the bottom. We’ve used a medium-toned grey, with barely white drops all over the surface. For the second layer, we`ll use white darkened with a few darkened grey drops (or a single black drop) , using a sharped toothpick for the outline. This technique simulates the deterioration of the metal parts where painture has fallen off and should oxidize first.

The rust treatment is basic in this model: it should look like new, but not too much, so all rust marks must be placed irregularly. If not, our AAT could look too used, and that’s not our target.

We hope it meets your expectations. If you should require any extra information on the making process, we will be happy to provide it for you.

May the force be with you!!!

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