Wooded Diorama
Wooden Diorama Featured Image

Note: the T-Rex you see in these pics has been made by Galileo Hernández.

Galileo is an awesome mexican sculptor, specialized in everything related to Sci-Fi films such as Jurassic Park, The Relick, Avatar or Aliens. He has made, in our opinion, the best scale dinosaurs from Jurassic Park.

You can check most of his work in his FB and, if you can’t resist to buy one of his hyper-realistic sculptures, don’t hesitate to visit his website!

Sooooooo our proposal for today is a wooden diorama based on a jungle scene, which could be perfect to build our T-Rex, Endor or Lord of the Rings scenes.

Here you have some compositions, just to figure out what we can do with this diorama. We thought it was nice to put Aragorn in it 😉

We tried to make it as leafy as possible, but not saturated, just to make room for our dinosaur.

This diorama isn’t difficult to be built up at all, but it’s probable one of the easiest works we’ve done lately.


– Trunks of different proportions.
– Muddy-kind modeling putty.
– GLue for carpenters.
– Glue spray.
– Sand for modeling.
– Gravel for modeling.
– Cork.
– Stones for modeling.
– Grass for modeling. 4 colour kinds.
– A table for the base.
– Leafs, bushes, seaweeds…

The first thing we need to do is select the truks taken from the woods, we’ll put them all over the base’s surface, using the cork to give it some volume. We’ll paste it to the base with glue for carpenters.

Once delimited volumes, we’ll cover the cork with the putty. When dry, we’ll use glue to paste the sand, stones and first grass layer (it would be nice to scatter it irregularly with a strainer).

For the tree’s mold, is as easy as taking the trunks, adding spray glue and let it fall on the base. We’ll paste the plants after, looking for volume and irregularity. Once done, we’ll add several grass layers again, and you’ll have your diorama ready to welcome Aragonr, T-Rex, Avatar buddies or… Indiana Jones!!!

As always, thanks for watching!!



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